Saturday, February 6, 2010


They have a cappuccino to die for aboard ship. And it’s not enough to give you a coffee, there is an abstract design they place with loving care from the steamed milk they add as the final act of presentation.

At Starbucks, as you may know, they serve three sizes, tall (regular sized), grande (bigger), and vente (biggest).

I’ve decided that you can figure out the three principle ice formations the same way.

The biggest is the ice berg, the bergy bit is the next size down, and the growler is the smallest.

When you look at an ice berg, you have to think of a sail boat, traversing the icy waters when it’s not stopped cold in an ice pack. There’s the sail (which you can see) and the keel (which you cannot). That ratio is one of the ways you can consider what you are seeing and how dangerous it may be. The rule of thumb is 1 above and 7 below.


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